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Composting with a wormery

A wormery is a good way to accelerate the composting of kitchen waste using red brandling worms.  If you buy a wormery, it comes with enough worms to get it started.  If you make your own, you are likely to find these red worms in any working compost heap.

The wormery generates liquid plant feed, which you should dilute 1:10, and a fine worm compost which needs to be removed from time to time when the bin gets full.  This worm compost can be mixed into potting compost, and you can add the worms to a compost heap to make it work better.

You can put all sorts of food waste in a wormery, but cooked food is not recommended.

If you keep the wormery outside it needs to be protected from cold in the winter.  The compost bins that are sold to the public often come with a special jacket for this purpose.

For more information see http://www.originalorganics.co.uk/ 
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